Wednesday, October 22, 2008

will Injection $ into stocks work ?

Frequently we heard people 'inject' money into stock market to 'support' it.  Sometimes they put in more flowery words like, "we will buy in good businesses at low price.  At one hand, we will earn in long run, and it also increases people confidence, so its double the benefits !"

Will it work ?

Well ... its quite simple really.  If the market turns out to be the bottom when you inject the fund and the market goes upward since then, then it works.

If the market continue to trend down  A F T E R  fund injection, then it doesn't work, does it ? 

The Thing Is ....

Day 4 :  Don't worry ... there is Nothing Wrong with the Market !!
Day 5 :  We will inject 5 billion to the Market !!  Don't worry ....
Day 6 :  People think 5 billion is not enough ...
Day 7 :  Don't worry ... we will inject 10 billions into the Market !!!

Will you worry ?  I wasn't worry initially.  But after hearing all these 'stage plays', now I worry ...

Doesn't Seems Like 
He Knows What The Hell
 He is Getting Into 
At ALL !!