Thursday, January 22, 2009

Calculate How Much is Worth buying a stock !

I have just come up with a system that can calculate how much a stock is worth and therefore what is the suitable purchase price. It is based on the concept describe in this old post : when to buy at what price ?

In short, it is using past history record to project future price. Then depends on your target return rate, today's worth can be calculated.

EPS and PE are 2 critical data needed to use that system. In case you don't know where to get these data, refer to one of my old post here : where to get EPS, PE data

some of the old posts can also be used as examples or case studies : IOICorp, KNM

For those who are more curious to ask why more than just using the system, an old post explain slightly why use EPS and PE in stock valuation ?

I haven't published this system yet and only using it on my own now. But if you are interested, you can also use it from here ...

I am thinking to publish it once an anonymous browser can sign up as an user in order to use it ....