Monday, May 4, 2009

KLSE update 090505 1009

How long have I been gone ?  Wow ... are we supposed to be sad for the swine flu or should we be excited about the market bullish movement ?

real time world market performance at

The key difference of this recent surge than before is that it breaks 200 days Moving Average.  A common indicator used by the western world that a down turn is over.  And today's investment is the world for technical analysis.  So everyone would most probably be following blindly on this signal alone - recession is over !  Yeah !

200 days MA is suitable for mature markets like USA and Europe, with some internal justification, I use 220 for KLSE, Malaysia market.  And this is the chart for it.

It tells the same thing, you all should rush into it NOW !  ( I didn't say that, the chart did )

As far as the 1view world chart and technical chart show, correction will not kick in today.  Even if it did, it wouldn't be a huge correction.  In other words, you may still have some fun yet.

but NOT me ...

Well I have 30% of my investment fund in KLSE which I initially planned to profit take 5-10 years later.  Due to this recent hike, I am selling them now.  I set my selling price slightly higher than market price because I am not that desperate yet.  If the sale proceed today or tomorrow, I would have gain about 70% from this transaction alone and may satisfy my annual target of 15%.  But then I will have to work something out for next year.

We will see ...