Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Changes to FBM KLCI

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FTSE and Bursa Malaysia announced in their half-yearly review yesterday that there is no
revision to the component stocks in the FBM30 index. As such, all existing FBM30 members will
make up the new FBM KLCI on July 6, ‘09. The weightage of the Banking, Plantation, Utilities,
Telco and Gaming sectors on the new FBM KLCI will go up, with Resorts, YTL Power and
Parkson being the biggest beneficiaries given that they are now members of the new FBM30
although they are not part of the present KLCI. IJM, Gamuda and Lafarge are the 3 biggest dropouts
from the new index. Over the next 1 month, stocks ranked 31st to 50th in the current 100-
member KLCI may experience the most selling pressure except for IJM, Gamuda and Lafarge,
due to portfolio rebalancing.