Sunday, June 28, 2009

the Khong and Khong ... the future mutual fund service provider ...

Malaysia is a small developing country. Personal Finance is a very small topic here. There are some people selling insurances, less in mutual fund. Almost noone to talk purely on Personal Finance without touching on what products to sell.

So in a land of not many choices, it is NOT easy to find talent or people with genuine interest. If by chance we meet some, it is our duties to share and spread despite any personal differences.

Taxsaya and Wangtool were mentioned before in software arena but today's story is the Khongs.

Khong and Khong ( not their real business name, just the way I call them here ), is a Father and Son team. Father Tony has been in Mutual Fund industry since the beginning of mutual fund in Malaysia. His experience, contacts and network is unspeakable influential. Son Jason is a handsome young man dedicated to doing what he loves.

What caught my interest is the chemistry within this team. Although older with experience, Tony is not stubborn when it comes to implementation where Jason has the competitive edge. And although young and energitic, Jason is able to iron out some impractical fancy ideas while setting the right priority on what to do first. Truly a scenario where legacy experience is re-maximized and applied in today's web solution for everybody's benefits.

Within a short 15 minutes random chats, Tony was able to pick out some very small ideas that could be useful for his project, shared it with Jason and thats it ! Another idea to expand market has just been initiated!

Because of Tony's experience, most of the Khongs services are provided in relation to mutual funds. They have ;

1. : a widget site to show the most recent fund prices from all companies by popularity. There is also a small graph next to the price showing the latest trend of the price movement, which I find rather interesting. You can also use their service for FREE and put this widget on your own web site. The Best Rate widget created by MalPF is inspired by

2. If you are one of those who have been buying many mutual funds from different companies, you will appreciate Very often agents from one company always over emphasize their own fund performance while even discredit other companies with the hope you will put more money with them. All these bias talks actually make you very hard to compare the funds performance from one company to another. This is where comes to handy. You can track all funds from all companies yourself.

3. The most successful venture for Khongs does not come from above two. Remember Father Tony was an agency manager himself before ? He had to manage so many investors until it is almost impossible to do it manually. So Jason built a solution for him. After being tested in real life for real business for many many years, the solution is now also available to all other agency managers too. is a solution for agent who has a large pool of investors to manage. Unlike solution provided by the fund manager's company which only track its own funds, can track ALL funds. Its an added advantage for agent to help his client to track all the client's funds, walk the extra miles so to speak.

Actually I haven't used any of these systems in depth yet. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, I am not here to promote their services. I am just sharing that I met someones who are genuine to provide useful services to mutual fund industry.

Not all of what they have is useful to you now but if you have something in mind please do share with them, I am quite sure they will value your input. And if anyone can help implement a solution for you, its this team !

I truly believe they can go far looking at their experience, passion and genuine interest to help.


Here in below showing their widget ...