Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dollhouse Bookshelf

I love this sweet little(actually very big) bookcase. This is another wood working project that I put the hubs to work on:o) He was actually very proud of this one. I got the plans from Knock Off Wood. It took the duration of Saturday and some of Sunday afternoon to finish the bookcase.  I painted it on Monday and had it in her room by Tuesday. The white paint came from Walmart. Kilz brand. The pink paint I had on hand left over from painting the mural...yes I painted it, but don't tell anyone:o) I found this mural online, loved it, and halfway thru painting it, I realized I was "copying" someone else's work...oops! Well it's not like I am trying to sell it or anything....

The tree blowing over the dollhouse looks intentional, but it was by pure decorating accident. I love it!
I love the little window cut-outs. The kids love the bookshelf, even though it's for S.R.:o) They have been playing with it everyday since it's debut:o) I know that it will get lots of lovin' for years to come!!