Saturday, March 5, 2011

Barbie Birthday Party Decorations-Part 1

This is Part 1 of the reveal. Part 2 won't happen until after the party. We have had to post pone the party because S.R. has come down with a tummy bug:o(
Thankfully, all of her guests will still be able to attend next weekend.
So since all the decorations are up, I thought I wouldn't hold out in sharing with you all:o)
This is where the girls will be dining in style.
There are so many fun things that are going on here, and the best part is that I was able to keep the cost of decorating really low.
 These little mugs were a great find. They came from Hobby Lobby and they were only 87 cents a piece!! They come with pictures to color and you slide them inside. I just added zebra print scrapbook paper and their first initial:o)
Can I just say that I LOVE MY CRICUT!!!!
 The flower arrangements were really inexpensive, and super easy. I will be sharing a short tute on that soon.
 Do you all love decorating with paper lanterns as much as I do? One of the great things about paper lanterns is that they are reusable, unlike balloons. 
They were purchased from the Dollar Tree...Dollar Tree rocks!!  The "ceiling medallion" was made from tissue paper:o) 
What do you think about my disco ball? It is a Christmas ornament that I found on clearance.
Here's a quick tip...if your curtains don't match your party decor...flip them around backwards. Most curtains have white lining on the back...everything matches white, right?:o)
And some artwork. You won't believe how easy and inexpensive this was. Another tute for another day:o)
S.R. is really looking forward to sharing her special day with all of her friends....even if it's a week later.
Here are the links to the rest of the party:
1. Inexpensive Party Decor using Tissue Paper
2. How to make an inexpensive flower arrangement

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