Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Retire 55 or 60 ?

Now even the star has written article to support the idea to postpone retirement age from 55 to 60.  It brought up a few points that seem inevitable but . . .

every sensible personal finance guy would feel something has gone wrong somewhere.
The fact remains that retiring at 55 in today's world seems a waste. The mortality age for Malaysians has risen
Since when the definition of wastage of my retirement is up to anyone else to say ?  I may live longer and what is that got to do with you holding my money longer than you have promised before ?

In the advancement of personal finance world, we are talking about retiring at 40's.  Since when retiring later become a good thing ?
The retirement age in Indonesia and Thailand is 60 
No one stop you to migrate there.  But right now the hot thing going is 1 Malaysia where all we talked about is how much we love our own land bla bla bla.
A longer life based on a finite and short working career certainly would put a strain on the finances of many a retiree.
and therefore we don't give them money at the time when they are suppose to be ?  Since when delaying giving money can help a financially strain guy ?
 73% of contributors have less than RM50,000 saved
So most of us are poor, and you want to solve it by NOT giving us our own money ?
the more workers a country retains as the population ages the more the benefit to the economy
Yes, wisdom and experience are invaluable.  What has that got to do with delaying paying us our money ?  All the wise old men never stop doing something anyway through out their whole life.
Based on life cycle hypotheses, people tend to spend more during the early age of their careers and save more as retirement approaches.
I am sure he just cook that sucker hypotheses up when he was drunk written that article.  People who have gone through most parts of their any life cycles knows that singles tends to save more (30-50%) than later years of loans, family and kids etc.  The middle income trap ( rat race ) clearly says that the more we earn, the less we have.
Now that they know retirement is postponed for five more years at least, those people who might be thinking of building a nest egg have the opportunity to spend.  Spending more now will certainly be a boost to domestic consumption which is a main driver of growth.

Can you believe what he has just said ?  Take away my money and I can spend more !  OMG .... WTH is this sh!T ?
it will be illogical to have separate retirement ages for the public and private sectors.
Since when it is logical to make them the same ?  What is the difference between them then ?
other benefits the Government can save on such as healthcare bills
Huh ?  People who continue working has no healthcare or people who retire has no healthcare ?  Are you suggesting another bigger problem here ?
Young people who might be worried about not moving up the ladder or getting a job should not.
What has that got to do with not paying the old people the money they were promised ?  Old people don't get paid and young people should be happy !?!?
remove all unproductive workers, you can bet others will emerge at later years. It's best that talent management is exercised to ensure such workers are minimised at all times.
Why hasn't EPF office exercise talent managment then ?


Change the guideline all you want since we voted you to have the power to do so.  But all the folks who were promised for the past 54 years to be paid out at age 55 before should continue be honour so.  Changing this payout age to 60 should only affect NEW work force.  All existing to-be-retire however can have the option to follow your new guideline.

New Ottoman

So I totally fibbed yesterday:o) I said that the creative bug wasn't there. I said that I might pick something up next week....well next week turned into today:o)
This is what I did today.
In the words of my dear grandmother, "itn't that purdy." 
Being from the South, most of us say itn't instead of isn't..sad but true:o)
Anyway, this is what the ottoman looked like before:
Yep, that's a coffee table. One that has seen better days. My neighbor is an avid yard saler as well, and I told her that I was on the hunt for a round coffee table to turn into an ottoman. She definitely came through for me. She found this little beaut for $10.
I couldn't find anywhere in town that had foam thick enough and wide enough to cover the entire coffee table, so I bought 4 foam cushions from Hobby Lobby. I used spray adhesive to attach the cushions to one another and then laid the coffee table on top of the foam and traced around the edge of the table. Then the hubs and I used a reciprocating saw and cut the foam.
I didn't take any pictures of the step by step process..sorry. I was so excited about getting a project done, that I just flew through it without a second thought. 
The fabric is painter's canvas from Lowes. I did use some piping around the edge just to give it a more finished look.
 This ottoman has 5,003 staples in it....well I am not exactly sure how many staples to be exact, but there are several:o) I laid the fabric across the top of the foam and stapled it to the skirt of the coffee table(the wooden skirt that is). I then added the piping..stapling it to the underside of the top of the table. Then I added the ruffled skirt, stapling it to the underside of the top of the table as well.  
 This project took 1 hour to complete, with very little sewing and a whole lot of stapling.
 How successful do you think I will be keeping the kids and the hubs off of it??? My thoughts EXACTLY!
 At least we can all look back at these pictures and see what she looked like before being introduced to the rest of the family:o)
I hope you all have a great Wednesday! 
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Cookie Recipe You Must Try

A friend of mine made these cookies the other day. 
She found the recipe HERE.
I ate 4 in the span of 30 minutes....yes, they are that good!
These are perfect for fall. I can't wait to make these for my next gathering! Now all we need is for the fall weather to come's hot again, but that's part of the beauty/ugly (depending on how you look at it) of living in the deep South:o)
Speaking of weather, I have a little man who is under the weather right now, so things around here are slow going.
Not much in the crafting arena right now either. I haven't had the energy nor the desire. I am hoping to get the crafting bug after this week. We have so much going on this week that there really isn't time to be creative.
Praying for E to feel better, so he can enjoy the rest of the week with us!
Have a good evening, ya'll.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fundsupermart October Seminars 2011 - Value Investing

Market is down, many people are sad but how about you ? Have some extra money at hand ? Looking for opportunity to invest ? Even you don't have cash but do you know you can invest into mutual fund with your EPF ?  Fundsupermart says its time to go in because the price is below the value now - buy low now !

 ... read here for their October FREE seminars, 1 Oct in KL and 8 Oct in Penang.  Prepare your EPF statements ( print for FREE from EPF office or login online ) ... They are going to whack your EPF hard that day :)

You can also use your EPF $ to invest into stocks market but you may want to check out this article first.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Warren Buffet 6 billions strategy ?

Follow up on a concern if Warren Buffet's era may come to an end soon posted in August 2011, the figures are now out and considered as 'correct' as calculated by Forbes ...

Steven who works in Forbes has calculated that Warren Buffet is officially the BIGGEST MONEY LOSER, at an amount of USD 6 billions.  But this is not the first time Warren Buffet going through this kind of challenge.  He has always come back up stronger for the past 8 times but can he makes it again this round ?

There are 2 key distinct differences in his challenges today.

  1. His age : Warren has come to a stage that he would give everything he has, back to the country or people he loves truly.  Business ( Berkshire Hathaway ) is surely something he hold on to very strongly but NOT necessary to all the investors themselves.  If one day he realizes 'most' of the investors in his business is no longer 'his investors' like last time, he may just pull the plug.  After all, as far as his business is concerned, a successor plan is already in place.
  2. When USA gets into trouble by its own doing in the past, everyone forgive him because he is the  ONLY entity who can fix the situation.  There were NO ONE ELSE we could keep our hopes on except USA itself.  Hence, we always go back and work with USA politely.  Today, although still without an apparent replacement for such a giant over the centuries ... but there are clear candidates for many to put their hopes onto.  Hence, almost no one is expecting USA to fix anything today, not even their own citizen.  This ... is also something that hasn't happen in the past, at least not to this scale.

Having said all that, my bet is that Warren will come back up stronger than ever because
  1. Today's indicators shows that whoever already in the market and want to continue to stay in the market would need a staying power of about 1.5 years.  BH has no problem with this requirement because of their low operation cost.
  2. Warren doesn't really love anyone else more than BH.  But as indicated above, Warren doesn't love his investors as much as he used to, simply because his today's investors are rather different now.
  3. Warren needed a good bye event . . . well, to say good bye.  And this is NOT it !

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

E's 5 Today!

Five years ago today, this little bit of joy blessed our lives immensely.
I can't believe how quickly these past 5 years have flown by.
He is the sweetest, kindest little soul.
You can't help but love him.
Little did we know that when God gave us him, He gave us a little peace of heaven.
Happy Birthday E! 
Mommy, Daddy & S.R. love you! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thought this was Great!

I saw this on Pinterest today and thought it was great! Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon...I may be jumping ship though, b/c I may never get off of the computer!!
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Super Hero Birthday Party

Here it is. The Super Hero Birthday party for E. I'll try to let the pictures do most of the talking:o)

 I made the a hurry. I wasn't as happy with this one as I was with the Barbie cake I made for S.R.'s party.
Table scape for the boys.
Table for the girls.
A shot through the web.
 Party favor table
 Each of the boys got to take home a lunch box, plate & cup(not pictured) along with a book & Spiderman comic book.
 This is what was inside of the lunch box. I found these in the dollar section at Target the other day and they were half off.
Construction of the Bat Cave. The hubs and my daddy did a great job.
 Fishing line, tacks and black plastic table cloths made the Bat Cave. The kids got a kick out of it. We had the lights off when they walked through it.
Here were some of the games. To get the posters, visit designergirl007 at Etsy.

 Here were some of our villains...Doc Oc
 Lex Luthor...for some reason I thought his name was Max Luther and I couldn't find a picture of him:o) Go figure!
 and the Joker
A little pre-party fun with my sis.
 Here's the arrival of Batman....HUGE hit!

 Back to the games....vaporize the villains was the favorite game of the day. 
 The villains didn't make it:o)
Once the Super Hero Academy was over, Batman signed certificates and handed them out to each of the new Super Heroes.

 He also gave everyone a Bat-a-rang.
I'd say this was one happy little man!

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