Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Owl Themed Baby Shower

Hey there! Long time no see:o) You would not believe how busy I have been these past few weeks. Ever since school let out, we have literally had almost every day filled with something to do or somewhere to go. I am exhausted just thinking about it:o) That has left little to no time to do any crafting...I have been so busy that I haven't even desired to do anything crafty...crazy, right?
So anyway, some of you know that I am in the local homemakers club, and we had our monthly meeting at our house last night. One of our members is expecting a baby in August, so we also had a baby know me..I jumped at the chance to have a special party:o)
The mommy-to-be is decorating her nursery in owls, and as we all know, owls are VERY popular right now, so there were a slew of ideas online to choose from.
Below is a picture of our food table.
The grandmother-to-be made this whimsical center piece...I LOVE hydrangeas:o)
 She also made this cute little fruit baby buggy..she said she found it on Pinterest.
I had some large old blue mason jars, and I filled them as full as I could with flowers. 
 This was one of my favorites of the shower...owl cupcakes:o) They were super easy to make, and would be great for any time of year. I used chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. The eyes are made from 2 Oreo cookies & Reese's pieces for the pupils and beak. The platters are just slices of a walnut tree trunk that I borrowed from a good friend.
 The gift table
 My first attempt at a diaper cake...not too shabby..;o)
When the ladies left, they got to take home one of these goody bags filled with chocolate and mints.

We had a wonderful time and the mommy-to-be left with tons of great gifts:o)

Where I found my goodies:
Large White paper lanterns: Oriental Trading Company
Flowers: Costco
Owl on Diaper Cake: Hobby Lobby
How to make a Diaper Cake: Instruction Video on YouTube
Owl Images: Prettiful Designs
White Favor boxes: Dollar Tree in wedding section

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Small Business Accounting - How to Keep Good Business Records

Are you tired of scrambling at the last minute to get your financial records to your CPA? Or are you tired of wasting time trying to find an important invoice, or receipt? Or are you just fed up with being fined by the IRS, Worker's Comp, the State Employment or other agencies because you don't have your papers in order?

Then it is time you got organized.

Now I know that finding financial paperwork can be difficult, especially if you don't have a good system in place.

Or if you have the wrong system, you make it worst, by making it really hard for anyone in the business to locate any of your important papers.

Well, here is a system you can use that will help you stay organized, so that you and your team can find your important financial paperwork in a jiffy - or when you really need them.

1. File paid bills, canceled checks and/or bank statements, and other business documents where you can easily find them. Some people use manila folders or an accordion file divided into types of expenses, i.e. "car', "utilities", "entertainment", and so on.

2. At a minimum, stuff receipts in the proper folders throughout the year and total them up at tax time. Staple the adding machine tape to each folder or stack of receipts. If this works, good for you!

3. An adequate record-keeping system for a small business typically includes:

- Check register - preferably from a separate bank account for your business.

- Summary of receipts of gross income - totaled either daily, weekly, or monthly.

- Monthly summary listing of expenses.

- Disbursements record (check register or actual expense journal) showing payments of bills.

- Asset purchase listing (equipment, vehicles, real estate used in business), and employee compensation records (if you have workers).

4. Every time you spend money in the business (or once a week or month), note in your records the following:

- A brief description of the business purpose of the transaction (office rent, new stapler, gas, etc.).

- The amount.

- The date, and

- Whom you paid (Chevron, Kinko's).

5. Keep all business records for at least six years, then make sure to properly destroy any sensitive information before disposal. You may elect to keep records longer, but the minimum required by the IRS is 6 years.

Now, this is a minimal system for a small business, especially in start-up phase. As the business grows, it will need to migrate to a more structured accounting system to track their financial records.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Gift

I'm still here, but I have been extremely busy. School has been out for two weeks, so there has been something planned for almost every single day. That doesn't leave much room for blogging unfortunately. 
So, anywhoodles, I have a quick gift I wanted to share with you all today.
I have a baby shower to attend, and this is what I came up with for the gift. I needed something inexpensive & quick. I had all of the materials on hand....doubly awesome:o)
 I love this little hair bow. I'm not sure if the baby will have hair when she gets here, but if she does, she will definitely be able to coordinate with this little bit of sweetness. 
 I hope to get back into crafting mode very soon. 
I sat down in front of my sewing machine for the first time in 2 months yesterday. I have the sewing itch, and I'm dying to scratch:o)
Have a great rest of the day!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

FREE lunches - the real one !

Dear Michael,

While many people still think there is no such thing as FREE lunch in this world.  I have been having FREE lunches for more than 5 years now.  Not only that, I actually get paid when I eat.  Sometimes they even force me to bring a friend with me for FREE too !

Unlike some who thought I may have been keeping it a secret, I didn't !  I actually told my friends about it.  And remember ?  Sometimes I have to bring my friends to have the FREE lunch.  So I had to explain to them what it is all about.

Most would guess that once people know it, people would go grab all these FREE lunches.  Normal people like you and I would have no chance of getting them at all !  But after years of having FREE lunches, I can tell you in confidence that on the contrary, I actually received calls begging me to go for some FREE lunches and I actually have to turn some of them down.

There is NO special contacts needed, I am not any Datuk's son, no special pre-qualify skills needed.  All I need a computer and internet connection.  They teach me all the things I needed and I am good to go.

Ok, no more suspense.  All you need to know can be found in

The reason I am sharing with you is that I want to bet with you.  Even after your readers learn this secret of FREE lunches.  Most of them, may be ALL of them, will still NOT join me here.  You see, human are always limited by their own thoughts without realizing it.  For some who realize it, they refuse to make a change on it.  Well, I shall explain more later if needed but let's see ....

Love your Finance Tips,