Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LinkedIn: An Effective Tool in Finding a Job

While many students and professionals hear about the great advantages of networking, at times we find ourselves asking, “Where do I start?”

This week the Huntsman School of Business is hosting its first ever “Get LinkedIn Week” to answer that question. Before attending some of the events I wanted to know why LinkedIn was so special. I found a quick articleon wsimarketingstrategy.comthat gave a dozen advantages of LinkedIn. I will share what I think are the most beneficial advantages with you.

One advantage I found useful was the ability to browse the jobs directory and LinkedIn job postings. With this feature you can pick your job title and desired area, and LinkedIn comes up with results for jobs just for you. For an upcoming graduate or a professional just looking to move up in the business world, this is a great place to start searching.

Another advantage of having a LinkedIn account is the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice. The article advises to “take advantage of the experience and expertise of this vast professional community online!”

The last advantage I chose to share could possibly be the most useful. You can use the search feature to find people by company, industry and city. “This way you can research your prospects before meeting or contacting them,” the article states. This will also enable you to find the people and knowledge you need to achieve your business and professional goals. If you can walk into an interview and say that you have been following that company’s LinkedIn profile for three years because you have always wanted to work for them, you can prove your passion for the company.

For a calendar of this week’s events click here.
Klydi Heywood
Klydi Heywood