Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Highlights

As I have been looking back at everything I have crafted in 2012, it's amazing how one can forget how much can happen in a span of just 365 days. I am amazed by how much the kids have changed in just a year's time. 
I have been blessed beyond measure this year. 
I want to thank you all for following along on my little journey. I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement you give me. It's nice to know that people like what I do:o)

So I thought I would share my 12 favorite crafts from this year. 
It was hard to choose, but I was able to narrow them down:o)

My first pick would be the dresser re-vamp I did for E. I was quite proud of this because it was the first piece of big furniture that I had worked on completely by myself. 
The hubs was quite impressed:o)

I loved our family movie nights that we had this year. They started to spread out when school started, but the kids seemed to have so much fun with them:o) 
They really had a ball with the Drive-In Movie Night.

The birthdays were a total blast this year. I always enjoy putting the kids parties together, and this year's themes were so much fun to work on.
S.R. made a sweet little Dorthy in her Wizard of Oz party.
My, how this little one has changed! 

E's party was so much fun as well. I didn't dive into it like I normally do, only because I am totally not a Star Wars fan, but thankfully there were so many awesome ideas on the internet.  
Love these sweet faces!!

I did a lot more sewing this year than I have in years past, and I love that my kids get excited about the things I make them. It hasn't always been that way unfortunately. I have finally figured out what they actually like, so that there isn't any disappointments on either end:o)
Here are a few of my favorites for S.R 

This dress is my absolute favorite:o) The flower girl dress. She looked like a little princess! 
We were stopped by so many people in church and at the grocery store a few weeks later saying how beautiful her dress was...I might have been a little proud;o)

Here are my sewn favorites for E.
 This little ottoman was super simple to put together, and E absolutely loves it. He lugs it around all over the place to sit on it. Definitely a score for his mommy!

This little vest and bow tie were absolutely 
adorable on him as well:o)
My biggest project of the year wasn't even in my own house. A very dear friend asked me to completely over haul her house and give it an updated look. I won't lie and say I loved every minute of it. It was exhausting, and with only one good hand during the process, there were times when I wanted to throw in the towel. But it turned out great and she loved it so much that she did the HGTV can't get a better response than that:o)
The before and afters are really something.

And the last of my favorites for 2012 would definitely have to be the "Famerican" Girl doll bed and bedding.
I wish you all could have seen how sweet S.R. was on Christmas morning when she saw the bed. I asked her if she new who made the bed. She said Santa..I told her that her Daddy had made it. She said,
 "Wow! He did a really good job." 
Such a sweet heart!

So those are my favorites for this year. I've got some big projects lined up for this next year and I can't wait to get started on them...just don't tell the hubs;o) 
Have a great New Year. I'll be back here next week to share with you all a new dress for S.R. and a Tooth Fairy Monster I made for E(it's ugly and he loves it:o))

Saturday, December 22, 2012

18" Doll Bed, Quilt, Pillow and a Mattress Tutorial

Are you guys ready for Christmas yet? Do you have all of your gifts bought, wrapped and tucked neatly under the tree? We are done for the most part. I think I am going to make one more thing for E and then we will be done. 
Today's post is about what we(the hubs and I) made for S.R.
She has asked for an American Girl Doll for Christmas this year. She is 4 years old...she ain't gettin' an American Girl Doll. However, she is getting a "Famerican" Girl Doll...(Faux-American). Ole Santy Claus is bringing her the doll from Target that looks just like the real deal, and it's 1/3 the cost.
So, I came across a really cool building plan for a doll bed on Ana White's Blog. It is perfect!
I knew the hubs could make it, and so he did:o) 
I decided that I needed to make some really cute bedding to go along with it. 
This Famerican Girl will be resting in style:o)
(I got a little impatient, and decided to take pictures before the hubs could get it of the final product will come after X-mas)
This is my very first quilt to actually quilt myself. I found an easy tutorial at Mommy by day, Crafter by night. I was able to make this little quilt in about an hour and a half. The fabrics were from a fat quarter bundle purchased from the Hob.
 The pillow was an absolute must as well:o)
 Here is the under-side of the quilt.
When I laid the quilt and pillow across the bed, the quilt wouldn't lay right. The spindles were in the way, and it just looked like it needed an extra something, so that's when I realized this bed needed a mattress.
This is sort of a tutorial, but not really a step-by-step because I was in a rush to get this done before S.R. got home from school yesterday:o)
I started with two fabrics, you could use the same fabric, but this was leftovers from the fat quarter pack, so I used what I had.
I stitched them together to form what looked like a pillow. I realized I didn't have enough to cover the base of the bed, so I had to add a strip across the top to lengthen it. Once it was re-stitched, I laid it across the bottom of the bed to make sure it fit.
I then stuffed it with poly-fil, and closed the end up by hand-stitching. I usually avoid any hand-stitching at all cost because I am too impatient. However, I really wanted this to look nice, so I bit the bullet, and used my little needle and thread. 
To prevent the mattress from looking like a big pillow shoved into the bed, I tufted it. I had a fabric button covering kit(is that what they're called??), and I used the purple polka dot fabric to cover the buttons. This task was a little more labor intensive. I used a long needle, and lots of patience. At one point, I really thought I was going to need a Band-Aid as well...OUCH! 
This is the back-side of the mattress. Yes, I realize that there are two sets of buttons...why, you ask? Because this was a last minute project, and I didn't have time to go buy matching buttons:o) And, yes, it's staying that way.
So it's complete, and I am thrilled with the results. 
 Perfect for her Famerican Girl Doll!!
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Pointers for Using Pinterest

I recently had the opportunity to interview Eric Schulz, Huntsman lecturer and co-director of marketing and brand management, for a holiday marketing story that was included in this month's Huntsman Post. We discussed ways that businesses could utilize the holidays to their advantage. One of those ways was social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. While Facebook and Twitter are relatively easy sites for companies to use, Pinterest can be a bit more of a mystery because the strategy is much more subtle. As a woman who spends a lot of time on Pinterest, here are my ideas on how companies can use Pinterest as a basic form of marketing. 

1. Have a unique product or idea

When using Pinterest, users generally see the product before they know what company is selling it, so the idea is to catch their eye with a good product, something unique. Whether it be a sale, an idea, or product they've never seen before, you, the company, want to make the customer click on your image. This is the first step in getting a user interested in your product and company so come up with something new and creative that will catch the consumer's eye. 

2. Keep your audience in mind

As with any marketing strategy, your target audience is a big factor. While Pinterest users are mostly women, this is not your only audience. There are many different types of women who use Pinterest and each is looking for something different. Pinterest will be a more successful form of marketing for your company if you know what type of woman would be most likely to look at your product. (I say "look at your product" instead of "buy your product" because Pinterest is a place to get ideas, not necessarily to shop. However, if you can get users familiar with your company by consistently pinning unique products or ideas, they will be more likely to buy from you.) For example, if you're a company that specializes in technology products, then you'd perhaps want to target a working woman who could use your product in her professional life. Of course, there are many exceptions and specific circumstances, so just be sure to put some thought into your pins before actually pinning them.  

3. Have a description on your "pin" that is searchable 

Sometimes people using Pinterest go to the site to look for something specifically. This is what the search bar is for. Your pins will be more searchable if they have a searchable description. (The description is the writing you insert yourself before you pin an image.) Some pins have no description and some have very lengthy descriptions, but I've found that when I search for "gifts for men" I find that the majority of results that come up are the pins that have those words "gifts for men" somewhere in their description. So keep it simple and searchable so your product can easily be found when someone is looking for it. 

While Pinterest may not be quite as common as Facebook or Twitter, it is growing in its number of users. Though the site has a simple concept, using it as a marketing strategy does take some genuine thought, but the effort can be well worth it. 

—Allie Jeppson

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fabric Coasters

I am at the end of our Christmas list. (Hooray!!) I still have one or two more things I have to make, but then I will be done. 
Today I worked on some fabric coasters for the kids' teachers.
Simple, easy and very little time to make.
You can find the tutorial HERE.
In about an hour, I had 3 sets of coasters made.
Today was also Polar Express day for E. He got to wear his jammies to school and he got to take a coffee mug full of goodies for a gift exchange. 
Can I just say that I love this time of year, and all of the fun things that there are to do?!?
The hubs and I have both been busy little elves. He made S.R. a doll bed the other day, and I made a quilt and pillow. Pics tomorrow if I get around to it;o)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ace At A Young Age

I recently read a book titled “The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life." If you have been following the Huntsman Blog, you would probably know that I wrote a blog post on Donald Trump’s reality television show, “The Apprentice.” This time, I am going to write a review on the book written by his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

In addition to being the vice president of Donald Trump’s real estate company, Ms. Trump is also a businesswoman and former model. I first noticed Ms. Trump when she became one of her father’s assistants on “The Apprentice,” where she was responsible for observing contestants as they performed their tasks. She would then report their performances to Mr. Trump to help him decide which contestants should stay and which one should get fired.

In this book, Ms. Trump writes about what it was like growing up in the Trump family and how she started working in the real estate field. I prefer the second half of this book because she provides more business advice such as preparing for job interviews and building a brand.

My favorite part of the book is the “Bulletins From My Blackberry” section, which opens each chapter of the book. This section contains input on empowerment, making an impression, managing a team and other words of advice written by successful people such as Arianna Huffington, Co-founder of Huffington Post; Jonathan Tisch, chairman and CEO of Loews Hotel; and Mark Burnett, television producer.

Ms. Trump also talks about her modeling career, her great interest in real estate and her jewelry business. She writes about her struggles to prove herself when she first started working for her father. During that time period, she talks about how people would assume that she was as smart as Donald Trump, just because they are related.

Ms. Trump might have gotten a head start in business because of her name, but I do not think she would be where she is today if it was not for her sharp business skills.

— Nadiah Johari

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Benefits of Hiring a Business Financial Consultant

It is no secret that to start your own business requires a lot of hard work and research. In addition to these things, you must also bring capital to start your business on track, and that often means a loan from a bank.

Get a business loan is just like getting a loan for something else, for the most part, banks often require a bit more information than what is typical for other types of loans before they deliver the funds that will be used as seed money you can start your own business.

This is a financial consultant can help you.

Have a business plan in place is one of the most important things you aspire to do any business. Besides an overview of what your business is and how you plan to be successful, your business plan, you should also have a plan on how the various financial aspects of your business processes.

Hiring a consultant can help you to successfully navigate what is, at times, a very confusing maze of laws and rules of corporate finance. Not only can you make sure that you put the money in your company assigned to the good aspects of the business, but with a consultant, you will strengthen your business plan, so that the banks will extend a line of credit for you.

Financial advisors usually know exactly what it is that banks. In the people they hire to look potentially It is important to remember that starting a business is not only very dangerous for you, it can be a risk for the bank as well.

Banks want to make sure that they start to get a return on their investment in the business. To assure them that their money will not go easy, you have to. Financial Advisor in the economy in many different aspects of corporate finance and all neatly presented to companies who paid finance

Aspects of a business plan

Some of the aspects that you should be familiar with your business plan, such as the materials that you have. Trying to get to the things related to the business, such as supplies, equipment, personnel, marketing and promotion are issued

Aside from these things, you are using a business consultant financial services various CFO, in order to develop an idea for things like cash flow and increasing costs on the company's growth. Do you have a plan to start a business is important, but having the foresight to predict how things are going when it operates just as important.

With the economy being as they also try all try their belts and banks, who they put money into a more than they had in the past.

Success as owner

If you want to have success as an entrepreneur, new, then you need to ensure that every aspect of your financial affairs are in order before sending it to the bank or other financial institution with the hope you will be given the money to start.

A business consultant and financial services CFO he or she needs are pretty good offer for owners of new businesses, but any business can benefit from working with such a person. After all, you already have plans for your own business and it is a fact that you want to stay in business.

Business Loan and Commercial Mortgage Challenges - Business Financing and Working Capital Solutions

It is not uncommon for commercial lenders and loan officers companies not to circumvent the difficulties of such prospective commercial mortgage borrowers, as most would expect, and I published an article on commercial lenders. The emphasis here is on some of the typical commercial loan difficulties often overlooked by commercial lenders and borrowers.

Unexpected opportunities for business financing can lead to serious complications should a business loan and commercial borrower cause to be prepared for these circumstances. There are many potential barriers to mortgage act defrauded strategies work with prudent capital management. Problems with corporate finance business loans are usually think of more numerous and heavier than most companies do borrowers.

Some of these issues of corporate finance is inevitable, but in most cases, these problems can be successfully achieved by commercial loans. Corporate borrowers and their advisers will be better prepared to take appropriate and timely corrective action by management of working capital and expect these recurring difficulties commercial mortgages.

Business loans and commercial credit avoidable scenario number 1:

Sourcing / seasoning seasoning and tangible assets

This problem occurs especially commercial loans will be relevant to all business borrowers. However, if this is relevant, commercial borrowers should look to a lender without sourcing and seasoning requirements or limitations.

Many commercial lenders require borrowing firms to document the source of the deposit (sourcing). Commercial lenders sometimes require money to be checked for a commercial mortgage payment, often for a period up to 12 months (spice). To refinance if a lender requires to determine a minimum time commercial real estate, are suggesting that. The spiciness of the property

Business loans and commercial mortgage avoidable scenario number 2:

A borrower wants to use subordinated debt (a seller second round of financing or other secondary) to acquire a commercial property with a smaller payment deadline

The commercial lender often unsubordinated obligations. With a business loan lenders more flexible borrower does not meet restrictions on the use of secondary financing and reduces the required down payment.

Business loans and commercial Preventable Mortgage Number Scenario 3:

A situation, the long-term business loans corporate finance needs

What is the duration of a long-term business loan? Commercial lenders often than not more than three years before a lump sum. Due for a commercial mortgage

If this sounds like corporate finance in the short term, not long term, there are commercial lenders who can arrange 30 years commercial mortgages. Financing of long-term business success is often the critical difference in business investment was successfully relieved because the financing of new businesses will not be necessary for many years, and commercial loan payments will also be reduced.

Business loans and commercial mortgage avoidable number Scenario 4:

Commercial lending provisions reminder

Trade terms are reminiscent of the business loan means that the lender will require the borrower to repay the loan before calling it normally takes advance. This potential concern is not for all borrowers, because some financing agreement allowed companies the opportunity to recall the loan.

Many traditional commercial lenders place regularly recall clauses in their terms of commercial loans. Terms that can cause a recall vary, but generally are regular review of the lender financial and credit history. Under these circumstances, if the prescribed levels of income and credit is not the case, then the lender will usually advise the commercial borrower to repay the loan within 30 to 90 days.

Business Financing Plans Emergency Recall: With a quick reminder of commercial loans, borrowers with a lender to refinance. Borrower is excluded cautious lenders require an agreement remember when assessing commercial loan refinancing options.

To consider in order to avoid a potentially disastrous scenario memory for a commercial mortgage, commercial borrowers would be useful only commercial loans not recall plan. For commercial borrowers who have recall provisions in their funding agreement of the company, it is also wise to consider refinancing their business loan before the callback is so that refinancing is on the schedule, the commercial borrower.

Business Finance Consulting and Planning Tools

Different strategies for cost control will be useful to try for most small businesses, has grown with the reduction in sales. Business planning and advice are likely to be among the most effective solutions for small businesses in trouble with these financial conditions to help.

The need for new tools for business planning is rarely a high priority for a company that does not know one or more significant problems. But for most healthy business contingency plans are desirable. The value of planning for business financing is suddenly clear by recent examples of banks eliminating commercial loan programs with little or displayed without notice. The height of the chaos that reigns in every commercial bank unfortunately means that changes can still occur without warning.

Consulting is often not fully investigated by small businesses because of the potential costs. As with any service business, the cost can not be ignored. This is especially true in the current economic context, to cover business expenses because very few companies have significant discretionary funds. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to spend his money, to make money or to either reduce the cost.

The growing demand for business consulting and management is supported by the alarming number of changes that have taken place in the world of business recently. Many complex changes, the answer to small business loans and financing of venture capital funds, most business owners will not have enough technical skills or information. Many banks have imposed significant increases in the charges for trade financing and find effective (and less costly) to other financial services companies even for qualified borrowers difficult. Although there viable options for financing companies are replacing traditional bank financing, these alternatives seem confusing, just because they new and different approaches.

Whenever there are complex problems to solutions are rarely simple. The current difficulties of small business owners are a growing challenge. Similar circumstances were not seen during the last 50 years or more for most companies. Therefore also very experienced entrepreneur is probably missing little direct experience, to make it through the maze of changes and current problems without outside help, at least.

It is likely that the most effective (and realistic) planning tools business is actually a combination of several approaches taken with a coordinated effort. As noted above, typically more complex problems require complex solutions. This often leads to a range of business management and planning maneuvers that may take a number of months or even years. Small business owners should generally avoid expert advice, which is the process of solving problems faster and easier.

Top Qualities Of A Business Finance Manager

There is no business that is not much money in as little time as possible, and for a while, after all expenses were paid leave. It is the role of the CFO in an organization to implement strategies to ensure that the company is doing well financially.

The manager of the long-term financing is usually involved a general term for all the other people in various financial matters. There is the financial controller, treasury, credit managers and risk managers of insurance. These are all questions that can financially, but different in more ways than one. However, the qualities to look out for ever the same. To get a good financial manager have, he / she must be a person. Since most of the time, they work with a team, he / she must have good communication skills. This will help them to work well with other managers. It also means their management function, and therefore think that they are having good interpersonal skills they are able to lead others.

CFOs also require marketing skills. It will be better if you are the candidate that you. Certain inclinations activities to earn money to tell He / she may not have the necessary training, but maybe they were trying to sell a product, so that you can see if it makes sense or does not have a money.

With the proliferation of financial instruments to computer technology, a financial manager must have a knowledge of computers. Moreover, if he / she is adaptable to change, it would be easy for them to change as technology changes. As the world evolves, new trends come and go, which means that the person you hire should take care of your financial work to be on the lookout for new trends, so that he / she may order the company a low cost. In addition, they must have knowledge of tax law governing your industry companies, these laws so that they can integrate it into all aspects undertake.

Education and experience are also important factors to consider as you go about hiring a financial manger. Good CFO are the ones who do not have sufficient experience. As for education, opt for those with graduate degree in finance, economics, business management and even risk management. Although the experience and expertise are paramount, it is good to choose a candidate who shows a willingness to learn. This is because these candidates are good stewards rather than those who do not want, are to learn from others.

Every business owner wants to make money to pay his / her expenses and left a little of it. The best way to ensure that they can make a profit, is the recruitment of a Director of Finance. However, not everyone can handle individual financial matters of the Company. Even though there are more than a manager of various securities qualities out for the same. The person you choose should have a good education, experience and the ability to work in teams.

Types of Business Finance - Grant Finance

Whether your business is large or small and new and established you will need adequate funding for the majority of projects, purchases and expansions you do your business.

To get money to get your business off the ground can be a challenge and few new companies are able to finance the cash only and must therefore ask wins funding from other external sources. There are many external sources that are willing to provide you with the start-up funds, are some examples of these are listed below:

o bank loans

o Angel

o Venture Capitalists

Found o

Credit cards o

o Friends and Family

These are just a few examples of some of the places that entrepreneurship is available, is of the finances, but there is another source of corporate financing available that many people often seem to forget is to provide finance. Business Grants may take several months to process, so you should always add extra time to your planning so that you can get a decision on your application, the project will start before.

A large number of start-ups and small companies are often put off the idea to ask for a business grant, to help them and their finances are missing for this reason many of these companies a great opportunity to win some extra money because it business, cash, which need not be repaid.

Little or no new business can be financed in cash only and must therefore consider more funding from other external sources. If your company more money for a specific project or purpose then a business grant could be just what you need. This is because business grants are awarded only for specific aspects. So, what exactly is a grant from the company? A business grant is when an organization or authority gives a sum of money in your business to help you succeed in a specific project, these companies are granted subsidies, especially by the government, both local and national, as well as small organizations, such as the Princes Trust and the Arts Council.

When you apply for a business, there are some things that you keep in mind as a detailed description of the project, an explanation of the potential benefits of the project, a detailed work plan should the details of your own experience, and if possible, a business Plan. All this will help you in your application and help you to get closer to the business issue you want.

If you are successful in your grant money you receive is not refundable and you will not have to pay interest for either, but you need a large amount of hard work if you want to take a chance to get a scholarship. These grants are also limited competition you have for them is intense.

Diversify Your Business Finance


The government has announced a new initiative to diversify business finance, which are led by industry experts in the UK from both the business and finance.

British companies still rely heavily on bank loans to finance their activities, although there are many alternative sources of funding available to them to meet today's evolving market.

The government wants to make sure the light of recent and ongoing reforms in the banking sector, the flow of capital for companies maintained. Other sources of funding will be critical to help companies provide the broadest economic growth in the UK economy needs.

The panel will seek to establish a framework for alternative sources of funding through collaboration with companies and business associations investors to coordinate the financial institutions and providers of alternative sources of financing and facilitating the availability of financing that businesses need.

Bank loans

Though it is an increase in new loans was included major banks this year, many companies still dissatisfied with levels of bank loans and how they were treated by their banks.

Criteria of the credit crisis, the non-renewal of overdraft facilities and poor communication from banks are cited achievement of common problems of the company as a result of their fundraising goals difficult.

Without the funding they need, the British company is struggling to survive and grow, and so the British economy the same. That is why the government, increasing not only the introduction of measures to encourage bank lending, but will also promote competition to the financial market as possible. A wide range of alternative sources of finance for UK businesses

Alternative funding

There is already a wide range of alternative sources of funding that are the company.

One of the biggest obstacles to the increased use of these funding sources is simply the general consciousness. New and emerging providers of other financial products do not have the infrastructure sector, which makes it an efficient and effective distribution of their products.

The other important factor is that many owners and managers of small and medium enterprises, which are the backbone of the UK economy, are not aware of the range of alternative funding available and where to find them.

New methods of communication are needed, and it is hoped that this will be one of the main objectives of the initiative of the government.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is one of the most popular options in the portfolio of alternative finance and has grown considerably over the last fifteen years, from about 13,000 businesses to use the UK to more than 50,000 customers today.

This method is extremely flexible business financing cash advances against unpaid sales invoices. There are variations in the invoice finance family of products, invoice factoring and invoice discounting involves.

Credit institutions in the bill will advance up to 95% of a company's invoices unpaid sales and use the sales ledger safe under assignment of the bill and if the debt held by these students.

If the invoice is paid by the client company, the invoice finance company will pay the balance of the bill, which was not funded after the deduction of expenses. It has progressed normally a fee for the installation and an interest in the amount of resources.

One of the main benefits of invoice finance is that to increase the installation, as the company grows, so actually a very effective way to fund working capital.

Achieving Business and Financial Success

Success in life and business success are not the same. Of course, economic and financial enormous and important elements of our lives together. You'd be crazy not to pay too much attention to these areas. Without other aspects of your life


To be successful in business and finance is not an easy task, otherwise we'd all be rich. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is no easy way, or directly to financial success. People find an infinite variety of ways to accumulate wealth and success in business and trade. Others never find a way to us financially. We can not move to a career or a business trip, or how, once they decide there. Some lose their money. Still others have suffered setbacks, physical or mental challenges, and so on.


HL Hunt was, by objective measures, a financially successful. His business acumen was known. He made his fortune in oil and investments.

.. When asked about his "success formula" Hunt offered some advice proactively's approach is direct, but not as easy as it sounds PREMIERE asked: "Decide what you want." SECOND: "Decide what you are willing to exchange for it are." THIRD: "Establish your priorities and go to work." (

Hunting approach is certainly easy. Think about it. If you is the first step completed, you will probably be ahead of the 90% of the population, because few really know what they want. And the second step is another huge obstacle, because again, most are not willing to spend the effort and sacrifices necessary. The third step is difficult. Getting Started (and maintain your motivation, initiative, effort, enthusiasm, dedication, etc.) requires unusual strength of character and perseverance.

Its implementation

I recommend writing things down. It seems to make it real, and you can always refer to it. But before you write, you have to think a lot of work to do. Serious reflection. Decide "what I want when I grow up to be" is also difficult to 50 years it is 20 years. No one can do it for you. Your parents, friends, spouses and teachers can try to guide, but ultimately the decisions and responsibilities, you are also, no one can determine your priorities and what you are willing to do -. or give up -. to get what you want, and once you decide if you are willing to "pay the price", you can continue for as long as it takes to achieve your goals?

Follow hunting formula do "preparation" of the work, and if you want to be able to make sacrifices and to relentlessly pursue believe "what you want", this obligation threw writing and working. Good luck!

Ben A. Carlsen, Ed.D, MBA, is an experienced leader and educator with over 30 years experience in management, consulting and teaching. Dr. Carlsen is a management consultant and business writer in Miami, Florida.

Carlsen was Chairman of the Management Company Los Angeles County Productivity Network, President of the Marketing Managers Association and president of the Association for Systems Management (Sun. California Chapter).

Flexible Business and Financial Mangement Is Possible Hiring a Chartered Accountant

For any business, large or small, are essential for monitoring the accounting and finance resources. Accurate bookkeeping is to obtain essential areas of business management. Hence it is always advisable to hire the services of professional accountants in London, which offers a wide range of financial products management services. These include tax planning, tax preparation and payroll services. Right decision when choosing a good accountants in London lead to greater efficiency and save time and money.

For each company, hiring a qualified Chartered Accountant in London greatly contribute to the monitoring and tracking of all financial matters. Insurance industry and the financial and banking sector also recommend hiring a tax consultant. Chartered Accountants in London can be a good guide for keeping daily records and useful for decision analysis and weaknesses of the company. Bookkeeping, updating records, tax preparation are some areas that require professional intervention of professionals such as accountants in London. Company will also increase transparency. Poorly maintained records and reports errors can seriously hamper economic activity and suffer huge losses for the company. Through professional financial management, these aspects can be monitored appropriately. Entrepreneurs can focus on the development of key sectors instead concerned with financial matters.

Processes related to taxation are very painful. It can hold large amounts of paperwork to keep track of various taxes that the company is liable. Most business owners are not aware of the tax preparation and that is why they. The help of accountants who need specialized in the treatment of financial issues Tax laws are constantly changing and evolving. These frequent changes in laws, it is difficult to keep track of time-management and business management.

Vital segments of fiscal management as a Chartered Accountant in London handles are corporation tax, income tax and tax planning for the self. Managerial Accounting includes people undertaking business in business, including financial and tax audits, treasury services, credit services, including the accounting department of a company is responsible for maintaining the balance between central areas other business activities. As is the case with every unit, a manager who is capable of completing a task in a professional manner, to lead the financing.

The first choice for business owners is to find a firm of qualified accountants in London. The advantage to a firm that you hire an accountant to find the experienced and well trained. The hiring company is not absolutely necessary, entrepreneurs may decide to hire accountants London, the practice itself and not associated with a business. The decision, a person or company is based with the owner on the basis of this type of accounting jobs, rent must be supported.

London has many companies, small businesses with tax returns help STATEMENTS etc., these companies offer tax advice, and may be useful for income tax purposes. Their many years of experience in the management of personal accounts and gives them the advantage to help people maintain orderly financial records.

Financial Management and Budgeting in Business

The importance of financial management

Finance is an important function of management. This area is commonly known as financial management. The term defines the achievement of key financial objectives by investment decisions and financially. Essentially, it is the management of all processes related to the acquisition and provision of effective both in the short and long-term financial resources. Financial Management will help the management of an organization, financial goals, such as to achieve the creation of wealth, solvency, liquidity, growth and return on investment through a process of financial planning, control and decision making.

Financial Control

Financial control consists of different strategies to the necessary finances, manage to achieve the main objective of any business that create value. Budgets are the traditional method of financial control and provide a basis for performance measurement, which can be evaluated. Can engage in a process of annual budgeting to make a business plans and forecasts for the coming year. Control measures must be taken if the actual performance does not seem to be the appropriate budget outline. Therefore, monthly monitoring of expenditure control methods implemented if the costs are higher than the numbers in the household (such as spending cuts or overtime) to be. And find out why the numbers do not match the annual budget plan, a company can not make plans for this purpose in the future. Monthly monitoring of expenditure is another example of financial control. These data include cash on hand, the total cost of wages and hours of work main resources, unusual household spending or higher.

The three main financial statements

The three most important qualifications needed to analyze and improve the sustainability of public finances:

Record 1) - "A balance sheet shows a company's assets and claims on assets

Profit and loss account 2) - "(A financial statement and the profit and loss account) called and measures shows the profit (or loss) of the Company for a period generated.

3) The cash flow statement - "a statement of sources and uses of cash for a period '

By analyzing these three statements on a regular basis, a company can proactively anticipate problems and opportunities before they occur. The three most important qualifications are also classified as financial controls, as these statements are used to understand and interpret. Financial condition of the company as a means to manage and control States allow a company to establish guidelines and policies that support the growth and success of the company. An annual income will be considered the most important financial statements and UK companies required by law to submit a profit and loss account to Companies House. Regarding cash flows, the cash flows are payments for goods and services and interest on savings and investment. Payouts are a combination of many things, including the procurement actions daily operating expenses, capital and government taxes. A company is also required to produce an annual report. It provides a report of assets or liabilities.

Budget and Budgetary Control

Budget may include a qualified statement over a period of time, the projected revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows. It is to work a short term plan for financial goals. There are several types of budgeting, these styles -

* Correction - ignore variations

* Flexible - bends or Rule

* Continuous or rolling - continually modified

* Base Zero - Needs Assessment

* Incremental - uses previous budget with increment

Budgets are needed to help provide a basis for monitoring, to identify problems in the short term and to promote forward thinking. However, there is a need to adjust budgets if they become unrealistic due to sudden changes in the business environment. This is called "Flexing the budget" (which simply means the revision of the budget) are known.

A deviation report is necessary to indicate whether the performance. Above or below the budgeted level This is the difference between the amount budgeted expenditures and revenues and the actual costs and revenues as well as analysis of variance. Budget can also affect behavioral changes motivate the management team and employees to achieve better performance and to promote forward thinking.

Effective business planning

A business plan has many elements, but not a business plan is not complete without this financial information. To be effective for business planning, budget, and the three primary financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement) must be considered. The financial statements are the core of a business plan, because they are used to identify different business strategies. Financial planning is available to all elements of a business plan. Five strategic plans with a budget (plan) associated with: 1) and created the role and objectives, 2) an analysis of the situation to commit 3) to identify and evaluate strategic options, 4) the selection of strategic options, 5) conduct verification Control. Taking into account all these factors into account can a company create an effective business plan with financial data and projections.

Study Finance - Enhance Your Business Career Prospects

Perhaps the best way to improve your job prospects in the economy is to follow in the first round of funding, and with the right choice of university and degree program, you will better be able to do this.

A learning environment that challenges you is the best in terms of places of learning, teaching, professional training of experts and industry links beneficial. To find the best place for such a specialized agency in London.

Trade and financial institutes offer a near London City of London, allowing students to establish contacts with companies in major cities, greatly improve your employability. Make this important decision to study finance is only the beginning of business schools in London offer a range of relevant courses that are academically rigorous and flexible, adapted to the needs of each individual, while preparing you. For a career in the global marketplace

One of the key points about the life and studies of trade in London is that it is ideally located to the latest developments in which to absorb what, finance, no doubt, the global hub for business and.

The beauty of being able to finance is to study in London, that the institutions of the city to attract more than 100 full-time employees and dozens of academic speakers - many of whom are still practicing full time professionals.

While the cost of London varies in other parts of the United Kingdom, there is a lot of help and financial support available to undergraduate students to study finance. Scholarships are available and provided to researchers on academic merit, that the students get the talented and motivated of course, what they deserve.

Student Life in London is vibrant and exciting, and although the whole experience requires financial planning, it is quite rewarding in the long term.

UK's Finance and Business Courses

Standing basic courses in the fields of economy and finance are some preferences and rightly so favored. They offer a greater amount of intellectual training and a good solid business skills that will help students improve their future career prospects.

Selections ideal for this kind of program have access to an atmosphere of learning that provides the state of the art facilities, a strong faculty with several years or even decades of experience and a healthy network, where it contains further develop your career long-term future, especially access to training and work opportunities abroad.

Management courses and finance spreads the two fields of the humanities and social sciences. Human-based degrees require a considerable expenditure written, contained while on scientific subjects in general a lot of exploration and practice.

Business courses offer a balanced mix of discussion, research, writing, presentation and statistical analysis as part of the coursework, training and expose students to a wide range of skills. As such, graduates can easily improve problem-solving skills that are needed and highly valued by employers in various sectors.

In addition, there are many specializations in the study of business administration: accounting, finance, banking, investment, real estate and management. Most of these courses offer in-depth knowledge and skills that help students thrive and succeed in the business world is very complex and unique.

In the City of London as the financial capital of the world, that's where the best schools are for business. They are known to be very strict with entry conditions very difficult. Graduates of these courses are in high demand.

These people were lucky, a graduate business courses London are getting usually a good opportunity to choose among different job shortly after, usually with leading companies and groups or association has with the University for the placement partnership .

Cass Business School is a leading provider of management and business education and learning in the UK and is in the heart of London's financial center is based.

Recognized internationally for our Master's program (MBA), we offer the largest specialized curriculum for Master's programs (MSc) in Europe. Some of our undergraduate programs are ranked among the best in the UK. We have classified as one of the UK top 10 business schools and management research. This means, Cass Business School, we attract the best students and teachers promotion.

Your Business Exit Strategy - Strategic Planning

Many business owners for years required her business a success, but the hard work for a business, and run the day to day management of the company, can mean that the financial health of the company has the highest priority. This is to be expected, and it is important that business owners do not secure an eye on their finances to the smooth running of their business, but problems can arise when it's time to leave, or is about to retire, and they realize that it is not time spent planning their exit strategy.

It is important to plan your exit strategy start early, even if you have no intention of leaving any time soon, is to have a plan to secure your financial future. It may be useful to look at the output channels that are available to you and define your goals for your output. Good management over several years to ensure that your company in the best position and added value with which you start your exit quickly when you feel the time is right is permitted.

Plan your exit strategy for a long time tend to work better because it is cheaper and less disruptive to the business. Also what is in the pipeline to trust your co-directors, employees, family and customers, because they all know what to expect in the future.

If you are well advised to leave before you get it, you can greatly reduce the amount of tax you pay so that you can with the most money is, and that you personal do not worry too much about your finances as soon as the Companies rely.

Sometimes the big questions that have for those who have small or medium-sized enterprises, it is because their performance can have a major impact on society, especially if they need to release the assets. In these cases it is more important than ever to make sure have a good exit strategy, the least impact on society as possible was taken.

Some of the key questions that you should ask yourself when planning your exit strategy:

    how do I intend to leave my company?
    Do I need a release date in mind?
    When I left him lead the company into one of their clients to lose?
    Can I use the impact of this phenomenon on society?
    What will be my income and expenses when I left

How can you answer all important questions, and you have a clear exit strategy in mind, you will be the impact of your spending on yourself and the company will find reduced, helps everyone.

Helping Hand of Banking and Financial Institutions

It is a well known fact that the world economy increases looming debt than ever is. Despite significant structural changes in the banking and financial policy not to reimburse the people. This is the way of life of people worldwide. In fact, the banks are also facing the same obstacles and situations where the advancement of stability is difficult to detect. However, banks and financial institutions to innovate and refine constantly supplied to make their policies more respect from people and exposed the common man. Banks offer both medium and short term loans to help the common people. They are busy, offer financial education to people so that they can understand the basic concept of budgeting and saving, secure online shopping, financial planning and other issues related loan. 

Financial literacy and understanding will ultimately help banks to help a greater number of people, with all kinds of variations savings. Banks are also encouraging investment policy, insurance and credit policy so that a slight cramping in the economic structure does not harm the normal life of the common man. This will not only offset gains and expense ratios, but also help the people on the benefits of investment and its benefits in the long term thinking. 

Banks are trying to identify the bottlenecks of growth and barriers to success. They clearly say to use the technology of information and communication technology help bank customers and meet their daily needs change. They focus on their weaknesses to focus and work on it, so that ordinary people get benefited from their programs. They also give their attention to the spending on critical sectors such as food, shelter, care, health, housing and education. That is what they are developing strategies better financial insurance options and financial planning for individuals and business owners.Banking authorities also focus on the borrowing habits and primary expenditures to tools that help people develop in the financial planning and budgeting. They encourage people to use sophisticated equipment banks use savings accounts business loans that help build strong and sustainable economy. In fact, they are for the growing gap between the bridge and bank customers through online marketing before. 

They plan to reach every customer by their service centers ubiquity and financial advice. Today there are many banks and financial institutions operate banking technology and engaged in educating and informing clients of different financial options and products available. In a word, they focus on the basic needs of business and adapt their products and tools so that they stimulate the economy in an intelligent way, and people prepare for financial emergencies.

Financial Institutions Revolutionizing for Economic Growth

Financial institutions are gearing up for small businesses to increase in low-and middle to bring economic stability. They continue to innovate and develop products and financial instruments to promote the business functions and invest them more flexibility in their future efforts related companies can. They were designed to provide the best capabilities of these companies, so that they reflect the changing needs of customers. They also offer courses and specialized services to businesses to structure their environment. 

No doubt you can find a balance between commercial loans and residential customers. They tend to provide capital for business initiatives during the most difficult economic times. This allows companies to think hard and invest in positive activities and techniques to reduce risk of financial institutions. 

An important goal of these institutions is to facilitate the investment of these companies. They also provide long-term value for them and help them in their business fast executions. In fact, they have established a strong centralized management of risks to growth with zero risk. Financing capacity  

Promoter of modern and advanced systems are suitable which can offer them lending solutions from start to finish. They offer mortgage capital for commercial real estate owners, the high credibility, reputation in the market and have reverberant hold a business plan. Thanks to the flexibility and agility of execution, they offer a wide range of financing options. These institutions have a secure and stable than retail banking customers want. This is the best opportunity for the customer to have more economic support. 

The economic, financial institutions with banks strengthen oriented competitive products for broad support for small and medium enterprises to develop. It will eventually face lift economic scenario and more opportunities in the economic structure. They are also obliged to anticipate the changing needs of their customers. 

Today, financial institutions such as the building blocks of the economy have emerged as they provide basic business services. Rental of equipment and financial security funding, they are developing their infrastructure to support the economy. They offer competitive pricing options with fixed or variable for companies so that they can adapt to the situation. They also offer flexible financing terms for various industries. No doubt they are revolutionizing banking technologies and best financial performance of business operations and show their operations and strategies for the future of financial services conferences.

Finance Your Small Business

Used a common sight in the fields of finance, but rarely in the economy "plowback." Is
Plowback assumes all or a portion of retained earnings (profits) and essentially reinvesting in the company for working capital (such as inventory and equipment purchases), overhead (such as marketing or R & D) or purchase of capital (such as new plants and equipment) - items that are usually financed by external capital raising, as debt or equity.
With capital raising options decrease from day to day, for additional cash flow of the company was the only surviving factor that many small and growing businesses to leave, should be independent of the economy, something that all businesses make a solid practice.
Think of it this way:
Suppose your company earns $ 150,000 in sales per year and that spending even $ 150,000 in direct costs and fixed -. Leaving the company with little or no profit But this year, the company needs to buy a new device will cost $ 15,000.
This new piece of equipment to improve operational efficiency and reduce their total direct costs of a combined net of 5% per year over the next three years (the useful life of equipment).
This means that after purchasing the equipment, change nothing else, the company should be able to realize a net income (profit) for this year by 5% or $ 7,500 per capita. Not much, much more than what the company has been making this point.
But the company does not have the money in hand to make the purchase and therefore to borrow $ 15,000.
Now, remember, the company makes no profits at this time - neither net profits nor operating profits - profits that are used to make payments on the loan could. So, if (and that's a big "if") - if the company can get a lender to borrow this money he save 5%, since the loan was excellent eating.
Say that the lender agreed and granted a 36-month loan at 10%. The loan would the company $ 484 per month or $ 5,809 per year cost. Take it left $ 7,500 in savings and the company with a net profit of $ 1700 single year.
Say, however, that the company took another path. In this case, the company is all reviewed its costs - line by line - and has an average savings of 10% to the cost:
He found his staff to change to part-time or fixed-term instead of paying full-time for rest in between jobs.
It negotiated the lease in a long-term contract with a lower monthly rate.
The time to buy a major lever to reduce inventory and equipment, the timing of their purchases material costs.
You looked better targeted marketing opportunities, better results at lower costs provided.
The list is long.
In fact, the company has sought and ways found to reduce the burden of all cost items finding a net savings of the company by 10% per year.
Well, not only that, the company reported net income or retained earnings in the amount of 10% (or $ 15,000 a year), but could use these funds to purchase the equipment actually.
So the company buys the device (without additional loan costs), the 5% savings with this purchase for the next three years and continue to cut costs by 10% for the life to achieve the company recognizes. It's a win / win for the company.
If we compare these two scenarios over the next three years, we see:
In the first scenario, the company realized a net benefit in 5076 in the three years back on the way it is today (no net profits).
In the second scenario, the company realizes savings of 5% of the assets ($ 7,500 per year) and all the cost savings of 10% of the company ($ 15,000 per year) for a total realized 3-year profit of $ 67.500.
Big difference!
In addition, 10% of total economic savings even after the useful life of three years, the equipment long.
Even if found, the company could not all these cost savings (maybe just half or a third) - these savings will go a long way in reducing the amount of money that the company had to borrow as still more profits in offer in the coming years.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Holidays: An Opportunity to Show You Care

The holidays bring with theman opportunity for managers and employers to show appreciation to their staff and those around them. For many people this is a stressful time of year, financially as well as personally. Managers can alleviate some of this stress by simply giving a gift or token of gratitude. It doesn’t need to be anything big, just something to show that you care.
Handwritten notes are one way to show individual appreciation. Take the time to think about what they sacrifice personally to help you.
An individually thought-out gift is also a great idea. Think about what their interests are and tailor your gift to that. Once piece of advice is to not give out a standard “business logo” gift to everyone. This takes away all personal ties to the gift and can make an employee feel neglected.
One of my bosses bought our staff lunch, and for a poor college student, it meant a lot and showed me that he went out of his way to appreciate me. My old boss sent me a package of my favorite kind of holiday treat, Bear Hug Fudge. When my employers show appreciation to me, it makes me want to serve them more and give my all to work.
I hope we can all remember to take this great time of year to appreciate those around us.
Klydi Heywood
Klydi Heywood

Friday, December 14, 2012

Utahns Should Park the Monster Plows and Enjoy a Snow Day

Editor’s note: The column below ran in the Deseret News in November of 2010 but the author, our own Steve Eaton, feels the message is one that people in Utah still need to hear. “Utah people know so little about snowy weather and driving,” he said. “I think they could learn a thing or two from the people of Washington State where I grew up.” This column is used with permission from the Deseret News.


It's started to snow again, and it's becoming clear to me that people in Utah don't know how to deal with snow. My family moved here from Seattle, where we would get snow just every other year, and we do a better job with snow than you Utahns do.

Here is a basic rule about snow that is apparently rocket science to most of you: If there is visible snow on the ground, start canceling stuff. You should cancel school, work and church meetings. Close everything.

That's what snow is for: an excuse to cancel stuff.

In Washington, we were so good at this that we took it a step further. In the Evergreen State, if snow is just being forecast, you should cancel stuff. You don't even have to wait for the snow to fall. This is called a snow day, and a snow day is a lot like a vacation day. Think about this carefully for a few seconds. Are you getting this? Something has gone terribly off track here. When I went through my first winter here and tried to explain this concept to people I got a three-step reply.

First, we never cancel anything because of snow. This is stated as if it's a bragging point. That's very confusing to me. It's like boasting, I never turn on the lights in our house, even if I walk into stuff.

Second, they say, the snow we are experiencing now is nothing compared to the way it used to be. It used to snow 14 feet in an hour. You couldn't even open your front door, the snow was so high. You would pour a glass of water in the house and it would freeze before you could drink it.

This leads to the third reply: Even then, we didn't cancel anything. We don't cancel anything for snow.

The principle of snow disrupting things is such a key concept in Washington, that if it does snow and people don't cancel things, well, we just go out and crash. We spin and crash. We go into ditches. We get out of our cars and fall down. And we don't have to wait until we get out on the roads to do it. We crash in our driveways and in parking lots. We're good at it.

When you go outside and it is cold and you fall down, that's nature's way of telling you that you've made a mistake. You're supposed to take the day off.

Here's another part of the equation. Everyone should be talking about the impending storm when a blizzard is coming and what things might be canceled. The newscasts here don't inspire panic. People don't rush out and buy generators if a storm is coming.

In Seattle, the TV people give storms cool names like "The Arctic Blast of 2008," and they come up with great graphics and warn of death, looting and destruction. Here, all we get is this dire warning: snow likely.

We live near a hill, and some of the recent snowstorms made the hill very slick. This meant that some people couldn't make it up the hill. When I saw this start to happen, I ran out in my sneakers to try to help.

It turns out that standing on an ice-covered hill behind a 6-ton car that is spinning its tires and sliding backwards isn't that helpful.

One of the people I went to help asked me what would happen if they just did a U-turn and went back down the hill. Since I'm from Washington, I didn't know. My guess was that they would just start doing out-of-control donuts down the hill because that's what we would do in Washington.

To the credit of local officials, they eventually canceled the hill. They closed it but only for a few minutes until this monster snowplow showed up that completely cleared the snow.

While we're at it, explain this to me: What's with the monster snowplows? We thought it was an earthquake the first time one went by.

I assume snowplows cost a lot of tax dollars and, because they make the driving safer, they make people stop canceling stuff. Trying to explain this just tires me out. It seems so simple. I'd write more but I think I'd better get out and buy a generator and batteries. Snow is likely. I hope the stores aren't already closed.

— Steve Eaton