Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Achieving Business and Financial Success

Success in life and business success are not the same. Of course, economic and financial enormous and important elements of our lives together. You'd be crazy not to pay too much attention to these areas. Without other aspects of your life


To be successful in business and finance is not an easy task, otherwise we'd all be rich. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is no easy way, or directly to financial success. People find an infinite variety of ways to accumulate wealth and success in business and trade. Others never find a way to us financially. We can not move to a career or a business trip, or how, once they decide there. Some lose their money. Still others have suffered setbacks, physical or mental challenges, and so on.


HL Hunt was, by objective measures, a financially successful. His business acumen was known. He made his fortune in oil and investments.

.. When asked about his "success formula" Hunt offered some advice proactively's approach is direct, but not as easy as it sounds PREMIERE asked: "Decide what you want." SECOND: "Decide what you are willing to exchange for it are." THIRD: "Establish your priorities and go to work." (Quotesdaddy.com)

Hunting approach is certainly easy. Think about it. If you is the first step completed, you will probably be ahead of the 90% of the population, because few really know what they want. And the second step is another huge obstacle, because again, most are not willing to spend the effort and sacrifices necessary. The third step is difficult. Getting Started (and maintain your motivation, initiative, effort, enthusiasm, dedication, etc.) requires unusual strength of character and perseverance.

Its implementation

I recommend writing things down. It seems to make it real, and you can always refer to it. But before you write, you have to think a lot of work to do. Serious reflection. Decide "what I want when I grow up to be" is also difficult to 50 years it is 20 years. No one can do it for you. Your parents, friends, spouses and teachers can try to guide, but ultimately the decisions and responsibilities, you are also, no one can determine your priorities and what you are willing to do -. or give up -. to get what you want, and once you decide if you are willing to "pay the price", you can continue for as long as it takes to achieve your goals?

Follow hunting formula do "preparation" of the work, and if you want to be able to make sacrifices and to relentlessly pursue believe "what you want", this obligation threw writing and working. Good luck!

Ben A. Carlsen, Ed.D, MBA, is an experienced leader and educator with over 30 years experience in management, consulting and teaching. Dr. Carlsen is a management consultant and business writer in Miami, Florida.

Carlsen was Chairman of the Management Company Los Angeles County Productivity Network, President of the Marketing Managers Association and president of the Association for Systems Management (Sun. California Chapter).