Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flat Classrooms in Huntsman Hall Will Offer Opportunities For Team Work

Huntsman Hall Classroom
Huntsman Hall Flat Classroom
Last week I showed you an artist rendering of what our tiered classrooms will look like and promised to show you some more images of Huntsman Hall this week. For now, I’m going to keep you in the classroom. I’ve included in this blog a rendering of what our flat classrooms will look like.

I wrote about all the benefits of a tiered classroom, especially when it comes to teaching with the case-study method. Flat classrooms come in handy when the coursework involves a lot of team work, interacting, and the opportunity to explore new innovative ideas. As you can see, our flat classrooms will have lots of movable white boards on two sides of the room, two projectors and rolling desks and chairs. If you had a professor who wanted to constantly change things up, he or she could do that for quite a while without much reputation. 

Ken Snyder
Ken Snyder
Again this world, as envisioned by architects, is quite formal and involves silent observers who stand in a back corner to watch what's going on. We have no plans for such a dress code or for mysterious observers but, who knows, a professor working a flat classroom could try some pretty innovative approaches. In this case, there's lots you can do inside the box.